Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Snow and a walk in the woods!

Oh dear... February 8th was the last post!! Well, I saw Dr Forest on thursday a week ago and the chemo tablets have not even dropped my white blood count down. So, this is good! I am feeling more 'normal' and enjoying life! What a Gift! Today was a walk in the woods with a friend! It was LOVELY! All taken with my iPhone! It is just so easy!!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Four weeks~ This Thursday!

This would be a self-portrait of my First Born Jessica!
Life is just so Good!!

Each day I am stronger! Thursday is four weeks since Dr Forrest said I am officially "cancer free".
Wow, how good. I had my bloodwork done on friday, by a lovely Technician @ BC Bio named Karen. Very gracious and did not feel anything for the first time having blood taken 'with a needle' in a long time!! So, I am grateful! I go to find out the results on thursday when I meet with Dr Forrest again. These are sweet days. I still get tired out if I overdo it but I am feeling more and more "normal"!

My Baby Girl turns 24!

February 2nd. Angela's Birthday. We started off with breakfast together at 5:45 am before Angela, Rob and Jessica left for their construction jobs! Well... I have still not brought my "Big Camera" out much... and the iPhone is just so easy!
So, here is Angela with one of our Pastors at Cedar Grove for the international dinner for Missions Week! And with Rob, and with Nicole! Party Time! Angela was okay with going there for her 'Birthday Dinner' and was having fun!