Thursday, November 10, 2011

This was taken in the summer of 2011~
So grateful to be in this place of renewed life and even greater Joy!

A new journey begins

Thank you for being so faithful in reading our journey.
I am happy to say that the Oncologist is very pleased with where things are. My blood counts are good. I have been on the maintenance chemo for 10 months and my liver is accepting the drugs!
14 more months to go! I am back to work with intensity! More family shoots than I have had in a long time! I have many new galleries and I am enjoying the ability to be an artist again! Praise God! This was my photo taken January 26th, 2010 for my drivers license! I officially started the maintenance a week before.

If you are interested in any more blogging, it will be done on my Artistic Imagery website:

Again, you have made this journey richer by your care, love and prayers over us! We are SO thankful! Rob, Lorna, Jessica, Amy and Angela

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

One Year~

Today is April 12th 2011~ Wow, what a year since I was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia! It is incredible to look back over the year and remember the blessings, struggles and joy! We had a family dinner tonight at Angela's and celebrated. How rich and good!

The days have been filled with a portion of 'normal' it just does not last as long as it used to!
But it is good. Among other things, I signed my contract with CS Designs to have Dave sell a line of my images to designers. That has been a journey as well. I was given my first royalty check yesterday!

Blessings to each one who has followed along on this journey! Lorna

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

15 years!

Today~ Rob and I celebrate 15 years since our wedding day!! What rich wonderful experiences shared with an Amazing Man!! Memories of hiking in Yoho with our Girls and all new hiking boots for each of us! That was beautiful... Camping trips, fishing Lakes and (Yucky) leeches that liked Angela!!
Home Renovations and my Rob learning to do many things here! And, having such a supportive family through the Leukemia Journey! Wow, I am blessed!

We have all the Girls home tonight to celebrate our anniversary! Fun!! Beef Tenderloin, roasted red peppers, parsnips and sweet potatoes and jello with Strawberries and grapes AND Jessica is making one of her scrumptious cheesecakes!
So much to be grateful for... even if this chest infection has not gone away! We are celebrating in the sunshine!!

Thursday, March 10, 2011


Well Dear Ones...
I have been reminded by someone that I have not posted for awhile, wanting to know how I was! Do you have any idea how encouraging that is to hear!!!? Thank you for caring and for continuing to check this blog!
I am sick! And have been for a week. I had a chest X-ray last thursday and my lungs are clear, but I have had congestion and rattling in my chest all week. It is beginning to break up, but I am weary.
Maybe I did too much.... and have stepped back again spending the whole week mostly in bed! Rob has also been sick... and has taken a week off work as he is also coughing and sick but he has a flu bug as well. So, we have been reading a book together.
I have also been preparing images for the professional competition. That has been good. I will post once the judging is done. March 19th.
Thanks again for caring! Lorna

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Snow and a walk in the woods!

Oh dear... February 8th was the last post!! Well, I saw Dr Forest on thursday a week ago and the chemo tablets have not even dropped my white blood count down. So, this is good! I am feeling more 'normal' and enjoying life! What a Gift! Today was a walk in the woods with a friend! It was LOVELY! All taken with my iPhone! It is just so easy!!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Four weeks~ This Thursday!

This would be a self-portrait of my First Born Jessica!
Life is just so Good!!

Each day I am stronger! Thursday is four weeks since Dr Forrest said I am officially "cancer free".
Wow, how good. I had my bloodwork done on friday, by a lovely Technician @ BC Bio named Karen. Very gracious and did not feel anything for the first time having blood taken 'with a needle' in a long time!! So, I am grateful! I go to find out the results on thursday when I meet with Dr Forrest again. These are sweet days. I still get tired out if I overdo it but I am feeling more and more "normal"!