Friday, August 27, 2010

Healthy Platelets!!

More Good News!

Normally with the chemo, all of your blood counts go down; White Blood Counts, Hemoglobin and Platelets.

They won't let my hemoglobin (supplying oxegyn) or platelets (makes blood coagulate) go down too far, while they wait for the white blood counts to go down, as I would be at great risk then... so, for the hemoglobin and platelets, they give a transfusion if the numbers get 'too low'.

Well, I noticed with the round of chemo in July, that my platelets were jumping up really quickly. Normal is 125-400. The platelets at the lowest was 45 . I was going in for bloodwork every two days and the counts went like this: 45, 79, 216, 365, 469, 589!!! (July 20th - 30) (chemo days were July 6-10) I had no transfusions with this round of chemo! This is good!!

On Monday, my platelets were 26. They give a transfusions if the number gets to '10'. So, we were anticipating a platelet transfusion yesterday. When my numbers came back... the nurse thought there was a mistake. My white blood count had been 2.0 on monday and yesterday was 1.5, and the platelets were 117. So, it is SO unusual for the platelet count to rise when the white blood count is still dropping, that the nurse requested the lab to 're-spin' the blood to check again for accuracy. Yup, still 117!! So, when I got home, I studied the numbers of the last round. Hmmm, Interesting, my platelet count started rising, 9 (Nine) days, before my white blood count had gone to it's lowest!!!

I think Patti Pedersen put it the best yesterday, as we were driving home from VGH; "Your body does not need any intervention, it is repairing itself from the chemo". Praise God!!! Patti, what a great observation!

Thank YOU again for your love and prayers! It is making a HUGE difference!!
I am feeling more hopeful and peaceful about the 8 week round of chemo.... because my body is just fighting so hard and I am doing SO much better than I was!!! It will be okay being "hit hard and heavy" again. It will not be what it was!!!

My white blood counts may still drop more... but I am on the way up and will soon be ready to begin the next round of chemo for 8 weeks!!

Praise God!
Lorna, the Leukemia ( almost free) Mamma

Thursday, August 19, 2010

2 Good Reports!

The Good News is that this process is working!!
My head Doctor; Dr Donna Lynn Forrest, saw me on Saturday and said I am doing really well!
The second good news is that the last two protocols of chemo are the same two as what I have just finished!! 5 days of Ara C and Vm-26!! Mild reactions other than losing my hair with the Vm-26!

Then, I will be done going into VGH!! Yes, DONE!! Sometime near the end of December! I can get bloodwork done in Surrey after that, and will be on an oral drug for two years!

So, there is an end in sight! I just need to get through Sept and Oct with "being hit hard and heavy" as one Doctor said!! Then, Rob and I can open doors to new adventures!

Blessings, Lorna

8 weeks of chemo for next round

Hello Dear Friends and Family!

I found this in Mark Buchanan's book "The Rest of God":
You cannot practice thankfulness on a biblical scale without its altering the way you see. And the more you do it, the more you find the cause for doing it. Inherent in a life of thanksgiving is an ongoing discovery of God's sufficiency, his generosity, his fatherly affection and warrior protection. "To the faithful," David said of God, "you show yourself faithful". ( 2 Samuel 22:26 )

"fatherly affection and warrior protection" I LOVE this description of the heart of God for us!
I will need His love and warrior protection for this next protocol...

Beginning sometime the first week of September for 8 weeks, I will have these chemo drugs again. Some of them once a week, some for several days each week. I will be back on:
~Daunarobison: heavy duty chemo
~Prednazone: made me shaky and weak...
~Vincristine: killed the nerve endings in my hands
(it has taken all four months to finally get my fingertips back)
~Cyclophosphamide: made me nauseous
~Ara C: mild drug, did not have a bad reaction

It will be a backwards journey for awhile. But, it is part of the process and God has been faithful so far... He will remain faithful!

I so appreciate your prayers! God is working His miracle in all of these drugs!
I am ~ The Thankful Leukemia Mamma ~

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The Word

This is a note from my journal this week!
"Jesus said 'If any man is thirsty, let him come to Me and drink'. He who believes in Me, as the scripture said, 'from his innermost being shall flow rivers of living water.' But this He spoke of the Spirit" John 7:37,38
And The Spirit has come to us ~ Oh may we walk in it. May we thirst and believe in Jesus, that the rivers of living water would indeed flow from the hidden places of the heart. Sanctify, purify and cleanse us that we would be prepared to walk, trusting You for whatever is to come! Father, would You sever the ties of fear that bind us from trusting you. Make us clean Lord Jesus.
Blessings to each of you as you thirst and find the One who gives living water!!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Good News!

Good Morning!!
Dr. Donna Lynn Forrest, my main head Doctor came to see me saturday. She said I am doing well.
I have only seen her four times... she said the less I see her the better I am! That was good!
And, I only have to go in every three days to have counts checked... instead of every two days!!
This has been wonderful! I was able to go to church on sunday and had wonderful visits yesterday!
Off to VGH ! Blessings!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

5 Days of Chemo Done!

Well... I have finished round four!! Three more rounds or 'protocols' to go!
And Amy says it is a 'Pic' line... not "Pick"! Well it works, though because the lines are narrower than the Hickman Line, it is a little slower going.
I am done and was able to get to a Graduation Suprise dinner last night with Rob!! Yeah Angela Goldschmidt!! AND a wedding celebration for Chris and Katie Klassen this afternoon!! Rob and I came straight from the last chemo treatment!! Wow, God is good! I am grateful to be able to celebrate! It is amazing what a little gravol will help me handle!!

Another blessing

Three little VanderMeulens!! Came for a visit with their Mamma, Kara Renee' (Netterfield). What a joy! James and Peter are the same height, though two years apart!! Little Renee' is a delight!
Thank you Kara for blessing my heart!! Rich treasures, each one!


This was a little bit of heaven... Before I started chemo!
Yummy lunch brought by Joan... and Karen came too!! (and grand-baby on the way!) A cool breeze on my balcony... and time to catch up and celebrate summer in the shade!! Thank you Joan!

Monday, August 9, 2010

no chemo today

Hello Dear Ones!
Well.... I went in and they did not give me chemo today... I mentioned that the second "cuff" was now out... and they decided to take my Hickman line out today... before it fell out! They would not chance giving me chemo if the line was not properly connected!! So...
Tomorrow I am having a "Pick Line" put into my arm... then I will have the chemo afterwards.
It is a line that will travel through the vein in my arm and down into the aorta of my heart, as the Hickman line did.
Otherwise... I have been editing my Alberta images from a trip we took in October of 2007.
Rich colours of the Hoodoo's in Drumhellar... what a stunning place!
Blessings, Lorna

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Chemo Again

Hello Dear Ones!
Well... tomorrow I begin the next round of chemo. Mon - Fri. Then it will be waiting for counts to drop and then come up again. I have all my rides organized and looking forward to "catch up" time with good friends... and daughters!! Amy brings me in friday and Jessica will come along tomorrow! So good to be 'cared for'.
This weekend was quiet as I picked up an infection...
So, laying low and giving my body a chance to fight back. I am feeling better tonight.

Hey, anybody want an extra prayer request??
A family next door just lost their wife/mom. They found her dead in her sleep. The only daughter is 14! Please carry them with me! So Hard!

We have much to be grateful for. None of us know what lies around the corner. May we make the most of each day! May you see the blessings around you! Like this April Snow... in 2007!

Blessings to each of you! Thank you again for walking this journey with us!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Weekend Gift

What a Gift!
Friday Night I stayed overnight for my girlfriend, Lynn's birthday!!

It was so lovely to have supper and brunch on the patio and such perfect lovely weather under the umbrella!

I was able to have enough time to have her granddaughter Ava 'get to know' me a bit. I have hardly seen that little girl since I have been sick.

It is good to be feeling better!

Next Round Beginning

Good Morning Dear Ones!!

Three Full Days Home!! Wow, what a gift! on sunday, the nurse asked 'why are you here? your counts are going up'. So she asked the Doctor and I was allowed to stay home and not go in on Tuesday! Very Nice!

Tomorrow I go in for another round of the nasty anti-biotic, and then on Monday I will begin the next round of chemo. Five days in a row... and then the waiting for my numbers to drop and then go back up again. The eight week chemo round will be next, through Sept and Oct.

My white blood count was 1.4 at the lowest, so I am certainly improving over all and the counts are not dropping as low. Thank you again for your prayers. God is faithful and hears every one prayed!