Thursday, March 10, 2011


Well Dear Ones...
I have been reminded by someone that I have not posted for awhile, wanting to know how I was! Do you have any idea how encouraging that is to hear!!!? Thank you for caring and for continuing to check this blog!
I am sick! And have been for a week. I had a chest X-ray last thursday and my lungs are clear, but I have had congestion and rattling in my chest all week. It is beginning to break up, but I am weary.
Maybe I did too much.... and have stepped back again spending the whole week mostly in bed! Rob has also been sick... and has taken a week off work as he is also coughing and sick but he has a flu bug as well. So, we have been reading a book together.
I have also been preparing images for the professional competition. That has been good. I will post once the judging is done. March 19th.
Thanks again for caring! Lorna

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