Thursday, August 19, 2010

8 weeks of chemo for next round

Hello Dear Friends and Family!

I found this in Mark Buchanan's book "The Rest of God":
You cannot practice thankfulness on a biblical scale without its altering the way you see. And the more you do it, the more you find the cause for doing it. Inherent in a life of thanksgiving is an ongoing discovery of God's sufficiency, his generosity, his fatherly affection and warrior protection. "To the faithful," David said of God, "you show yourself faithful". ( 2 Samuel 22:26 )

"fatherly affection and warrior protection" I LOVE this description of the heart of God for us!
I will need His love and warrior protection for this next protocol...

Beginning sometime the first week of September for 8 weeks, I will have these chemo drugs again. Some of them once a week, some for several days each week. I will be back on:
~Daunarobison: heavy duty chemo
~Prednazone: made me shaky and weak...
~Vincristine: killed the nerve endings in my hands
(it has taken all four months to finally get my fingertips back)
~Cyclophosphamide: made me nauseous
~Ara C: mild drug, did not have a bad reaction

It will be a backwards journey for awhile. But, it is part of the process and God has been faithful so far... He will remain faithful!

I so appreciate your prayers! God is working His miracle in all of these drugs!
I am ~ The Thankful Leukemia Mamma ~

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