Saturday, October 23, 2010

He is Able...

I am so grateful to be feeling more "normal" and very grateful for an amazing Doctor that 'caught' me being "off".
So I begin the remainder of this protocol of chemo: Mon Oct 25 - Thurs October 28th, and Mon Nov 1 - Thurs November 4th. As well, I have an oral chemo drug to take for 14 days.
Thanks for your prayers and care! Lorna


  1. Been praying for you extra time this last week plus Lorna. It is an amazing thing to sense that you were less present with us. I could tell even though I've not seen for about a month now. So extra prayers have been sent heavenward for you. Bless you and love you friend. I met an old friend of yours last night, Daphne, she says 'Hi', and wanted to make sure you knew that you are on her heart and in her prayers as well.

    We lay hands on you in the name and blood of our Living Lord Jesus Christ, pouring renewal, rest, refreshment, restoration through your entire being, heart, mind, spirit, and body; standing against all schemes of the enemy unto death we say, "NO!" Rather, breathing the breath of the Holy Spirit through you we secure you for the Glory of God fully and completely!

    Love you darling,
    Hugs and more hugs, Cyndy

  2. I am praying for you... Also so grateful for a doctor that knew you well enough to know something was wrong.. So God sent! You are surrounded by His love and our love! Much love, Nicole!