Friday, January 21, 2011

One week later...

It has been a week since the wonderful news from my Doctor! What a week! My strength is returning... though I have done something crazy to my shoulder, which is in great pain... and it was NOT shoveling the driveway yesterday, OR playing the congas in Freedom Band ~Yahhooo! So good to BE there last night~ as my shoulder was hurting before that! I guess I have overdone it a bit! It is just so~ so cool, to be feeling a bit 'normal' ! I had a wonderful outing to Fort Langley on Tuesday with a friend to celebrate our birthdays! The 'Salon Cafe' is a new restaurant at 'The Little White House'. They have a pastry chef there who does amazing things with herbs! That little 'cookie' on the spoon is a savory short bread cookie with rosemary! The tomatoe soup was delicious with Basil, the quiche (which is a half portion as we shared it) was also delicious! Just Lovely. Then a wonderful visit on Wednesday at my house with the very precocious and beautiful 'Kirra Theresa Rose' and her Mom! : )
I have started a body strength "rebuilding program" with a very capable massage therapist, who I am going to see this morning to get my shoulder 'fixed' ! Maybe I will have to step back a bit...
Blessings to each of you this day!

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