Thursday, June 10, 2010

Here is a beautiful 6 year Cancer Survivor named Clair, who I prayed for on her journey. Now she is supporting me, and others, not only in prayer, but also in this beautiful event.

Relay for Life in Coquitlam was on Saturday. These luminary bags are dedicated to those who survived cancer or have passed away. Candles are lit within the bags and on the last lap of the relay, this light is the only light along the tracks. The bags complete the whole circle of the track. There were 1379 luminary bags to remind us people's past and present cancer struggle. The impact cannot be described. We are not alone and together we make a difference.
Lorna, you too have been going through treatments and the tiredness has been literally wearing on you. Your faith and beautiful family and friends are anchors for future treatments. You were also honored by having a luminary bag lit during the last lap. A wonderful day of hope
Making each day count

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