Thursday, June 3, 2010

Time for some more news

Hello Dear Friends,

It's been a few days, so perhaps you want to hear how Mom is doing.

As the last post stated, Mom did indeed start the next round of chemo on Tuesday. They've been giving her anti-nausea drugs before they start, but Mom still feels persistent low-grade nausea for most of the day. Sometimes she doesn't know what to eat or if she even wants to eat. Smells bother her too. Please pray that she will find things that she can handle that don't aggravate the nausea.
On the up side though, Mom's liver count seems to be slowly improving. The last few days showed counts that were dropping. (She didn't get the results from today's blood work though because she had a short day and got to go home early!)

Angela just stopped in briefly and it sounds like the bug that she had on the weekend (diarrhea and nausea) is similar to what Mom has been experiencing all afternoon. Angela was sick for about 2 days with diarrhea and is just starting to feel better now. Perhaps what Mom has been experiencing isn't chemo related after all.... Please pray that Mom gets over this bug quickly. She should be able to fight it off since her blood counts have been high. She will mention it at the hospital tomorrow.

Thanks for walking with us.


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