Monday, July 19, 2010

Amy Home today

Hello Dear Ones!!
Amy has been away riding the Seattle to Portland (STP), Cycling Fundraiser for Wellspring Foundation! Thanks to every one who supported her!!! She comes home today!!

Jessica is still training for her run in October and ran 12 miles in one hour and 43 minutes on saturday!! Wow! Girls to be proud of !

I am just slowly watching my counts come down... and going into VGH every second day! Not too exciting! But, I have had some lovely visits with my 'drivers'! I was offered the 'scenic' route home on wednesday around Stanley Park!! Beautiful!! My first time since the diagnosis!

We had friends visiting from out of town and yesterday they met us at the hospital and we sat in the cafe downstairs and had a bite to eat and a great visit! Kevin and Ingrid Mapson (Palejko).
So rich and wonderful!! God is good!

Feeling better than I should and glad to be celebrating life!! Rob picked 19 lbs of raspberries on saturday ( but caught no fish) ! So, we have berries for making jam in the freezer! Summer warmth but not too hot is lovely! Thankful for so many good things!

This path in Oregon was where I was last summer... a year ago!! I sure could not be hiking up it now.... but I can treasure those happy memories with my friend, Donna!! Canon Beach and Ecola Park!!!

Blessings to each of you!

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