Monday, May 31, 2010

Starting Chemo Again

This is the Mamma again!
Good News, Surprising News... and I am adjusting.
My liver counts are still high (400) and should be at 80.

They cannot risk the cancer cells multiplying and so they are starting the chemo tomorrow.
They will give me a lower dose to try to compensate for the liver levels...
For those of you praying... the request would be for my liver to take and process the chemo doses, without creating more halucinagetics or other side effects!

They are also doing a Spinal Lumbar tapp tomorrow morning. I will have 4 appts. this week with two kinds of chemo, (one which has a side effect of nausea) and 4 appts. next week.

Thank you for remembering us! We are blessed!

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