Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Beautiful Days

Well, it is the end of November 10th...
I have had two wonderful days home since chemo finished. Really enjoying the sunshine coming through the jewels of colour displayed on the trees!!

This is the sidewalk on the way to VGH. It made me think of a quilt with the little leaves and the stems curving.
So good to just celebrate life!

Nine years ago, this day, we celebrated Rob's Nanna's 100th birthday and Memorial Service, on the same day. All of the family had planned to come and she passed away just a few days earlier. What a life she lived and the impact that she made on my Rob still resonates. The Rande clan is an amazing group! It was a delight to have Rob's cousin Keith come, a few years back, and hear him tell stories with the same mirth and laughter as my Rob!!

Tomorrow, I "will remember", from a bed in VGH when I will get my pentamidine and have my counts checked. We are all blessed by those who have given their lives for the freedom we share! Thank you ~ to the many who serve in our Canadian forces. We are grateful! We have so much to celebrate! Remember Well!

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  1. What a beautiful shot. Hard to believe it's just a sidewalk. Trust you to find the beauty in the quotidian moments!