Thursday, November 25, 2010

Snow Day!

What a Beautiful Day with Rob and Jessica to share it with... and Angela home at noon too!
Plus Michelle and Amy (writing papers)! We have shared meals, had candles, Christmas music, watching snow and naps! I did NOT have to go into Vancouver today! And I have permission from Dr Mary to come in Saturday! So, four days off!! Wow, how wonderful!
Plus I had Michelle and Rob help me walk my tripod, camera, umbrella and ME, outside to take a 'few' photos of the snow!! Here is our gate under the arch! It has been lovely!
Good for the heart!!

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  1. This image is so beautiful, Lorna. I'm thrilled you have family and friends around you to help you enjoy your passion of capturing images. It's good to take care of the heart along with the body. Love you, dear friend. ~Heather A.