Saturday, November 20, 2010

jewels of colour

In all the days of walking the Leukemia journey, it is wonderful to see such color and beauty. This is the sugar maple in our front yard. It does not usually get red leaves... as we do not have the cold snap of tempature that they do back east.

I had my blood transfusion last tuesday. All went well. I was back in on friday and tomorrow and Tuesday. They are just monitoring all my levels. I was at .4 in my neutraphils on friday, so back onto two antibiotics and staying out of public. No church service this week, but I did get to go last sunday and it was wonderful!!

I am Celebrating Life and Christmas approaching. I am feeling MUCH better than last year when I had pneumonia at Christmas time! I even have some wonderful "Elves" to help me get ready for the season!! Tomorrow we make our traditional Christmas Sausage and all the Girls will be home for the afternoon. I am hoping to be back from VGH in time! (And hoping that I do not need a Platelets transfusion!)
The snow is beautiful here and through Alberta too! Drive safe and enjoy!!

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