Monday, November 1, 2010

thank you for praying!

Thank you Dear Friends and Family for your thoughts and prayers this week.
I met with the Head Doctor, Dr. Forrest this morning and the final decision is that I will not finish the ugly round of chemo.... (8 doses of Ara-C, over two weeks, and 14 days of oral chemo).

I will begin the next round of chemo, which I have done twice already with no complications, (5 days of Ara-C and V-28) starting next thursday. Oh thank you Lord, it feels manageable. It also means that the next round of 5 days of chemo should be within the first 10 days or so of December. Which means I should be ALL DONE taking chemo by Christmas!!! Yahooo!!

I will have an oral chemo drug that I will have to take for two years and bloodwork to be done... but I won't have to go in and out to Vancouver! So So grateful to be done the heaviest part in about two more months!

I do need to avoid stress probably till I am done chemo. Because my body has gone through so much... I am having difficulty with my words if things get to be "too stressful/busy". So, prayer for balance for my heart and mind till the physical is done, would be very helpful.

So grateful to have you praying for wisdom for those Doctors. They did much talking this morning! Blessings to each of you ~ Lorna, the Leukemia Mamma

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  1. we have been praying for you and my lovely wife said 'it's always darkest just before the dawn.' We have the Lord of Hosts in our midst. LDM