Tuesday, May 4, 2010

hair, hospitals and hot meals

It's fun to get some alliteration in from time to time!

I must say that Mom certainly carries her new hairstyle well :)

I went in to the hospital with Mom today and it was a nice quiet morning. Mom had the routine blood work, once that came back they gave her the chemo and then the nurse taught me how to flush Mom's line. The lines on her Hichman Line will have to be flushed on a regular basis; when Mom is not going to the hospital every day that is something that I will be able to do from home.
It is nice to be able to go to the hospital with Mom, but I have also really appreciated those who have been taking turns to drive Mom in, it is such a huge blessing. I know that Mom enjoys the opportunity to visit with you as well.

There is one other thing I wanted to bring to you. So many of you have asked if you could help us out. One very tangible way to do so is by providing meals. It has been very helpful not to worry about preparing food with everything else going on. Our dear friend Ericka Taylor has been organizing meals to be delivered to the house. If you would like to prepare a meal for us, you can call Ericka at 604-882-5063 and she can put you into the rotation.

Thank you!


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