Wednesday, May 19, 2010

New Hair Style!!

Hello Dear Friends.
Monday was the first time I was in one of the rooms with chairs... About 4 to a room.
Angela had taken me to the Cancer Societies "Wig Lending Library" before my appointment! (what fun to try different styles!)
Then my Angela got me up to Out Patient.
The doctor who had seen me last week, walked into the room looked around and walked out, saying "wrong room". 10 minutes later he came in the room pointing to me and saying in his lovely Taiwonese accent, " you have a wig!!" He had not recognized me!!
There were two friends in the room with us. We had a lovely visit with them. The one Gal, had been through her cancer journey 7 years ago, and her friend had walked it with her. Now, the friend has been walking a 3 year journey with cancer, and her friend is walking it with her.

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