Thursday, May 13, 2010

In the day of trouble He will conceal me...

Hello Dear Ones.
Wonderful to have a complete day at home and rest.

"For in the day of trouble He will conceal me in His tabernacle; in the secret place of His tent He will hide me." Psalm 27:5

Father, Thank YOU that You take me up and care for me... hide me, conceal me. You use many hands and forms to accomplish Your purposes. Thank You that You conceal what Kings and great Doctors can discover and put all of it to good use! You are Good!

No Bone Marrow Biopsy report. It may have been taken too soon to get accurate reports.
So, maybe another will need to be done next week. So, a small break from the chemo is helpful.

Thank you again for your care for us. We love you!

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