Saturday, May 22, 2010

Here is my Jessica who also shaved her hair off for her Mamma... with my dear friend Lynn! They are in the Out Patient room with me!

The beautiful photos in the background are taken by a couple of photographers. One, from BC and one from Ontario. They are part of the renovation of the "Krall Center" that was done a few years back after some huge fundraising done by Diana Krall, after her Mother had been to the "Bone Marrow Transfer Out Patient Unit" when her Mother had Leukemia.

So every room has beautiful photos in them. It is so lovely to have such inspiration to look at each day! (Especially while waiting for platelettes or blood to arrive! )

The nurse I had yesterday; ( Robert, or "Nurse Bob")
who has a website giving movie reveiws and had some great recommendations of beautiful movies to watch, from a photographers view point! ( I had shown him some of my award winning images, which he loved!)
"Piercing Reviews of Movies You've Never Even Heard of!"
Said that they should have named "The Krall Centre" ~ "The Krall Space" but it didn't go over with the rest of the Administration! He was really quite delightful and entertaining... which was such a good thing.... as Heather and I waited from 8:30 when we got there (with IV drip and meds given until 10:30 or so) till 1:30 before they did the Spinal Lumbar Tapp!!! I guess the Doctor who was to give me the procedure got sick and had to be replaced and the chemo that they inject into my spine when they take the fluid out to check for the cancer count.... did not arrive either till about 12:30! So, we had a 7 or so hour day, listening to 'Nurse Bob' tell us about 5 different movies that we would enjoy artistically!

Oh, and the Spinal Lumbar Tapp, was absolutely fine... a little poke when they first put the freezing in, and that was it, just to lie really still in a curled up position with Heather speaking the verses of Psalm 23 into my ear as I stayed still and "relaxed". And the beauty of "green pastures and still waters" filling my thoughts! God is so good! And I appreciate all of your prayers!! What a delight to be a child of the King!

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