Thursday, May 27, 2010

You prayed that "God would be with me, wherever my body takes me". Yes, where my body takes me.... on the weekend that ended up being an "out of body experience' as my body produced toxins like LSD!! It felt like my brain was on top of a mountain and my body was 55 miles away down in the valley! I had this thick layer of insulation between what was happening and what a "felt". Very Odd, each day it is better.

But I wanted to tell you about an exciting event. This last Tuesday Evening, Angela and her co-worker at Starbucks; Leah had a fund raiser for the Canadian Cancer Society. They both had their hair cut off into pony tails with the intent of making a natural hair wig for Angela's Mom. These girls both so blessed my heart.
What a gift! And about 20 plus Starbucks Employee's all came out to have a bowling game, watch the hair cuts in process and to donate to the Canadian Cancer Society. Starbucks matched what they gave and it is a tidy sum! THANK YOU to each one who gave..... (you will find a big box of Purdy's Chocolates at Clayton Crossing Starbucks, for you today)! What a blessing each one is!

AND I was able to go and be there.
Thanks to finding out that if I keep horizontal, I will not be sick!

I found 0ut at Out Patient on Tuesday with Heather that if I stay laying down the nausea and headaches will go away. Also taking caffeine will help the headaches that have now come...
and, as I am not a coffee drinker or black tea drinker... that means "Chocolate".... So it is now part of my "medication" to eat a square of dark chocolate before I travel!! How funny!
But they are concerned as my liver counts have jumped up even higher from Sunday to Tuesday.
So, no more little blue pill to help me sleep. They have said I can take the little white pill that you put under your tongue... Can I remember the name?? Amy can. She is 'dispensing all my meds'. She really is a great nurse and has been changing the dressings for my Hickman line and being a real Gift from God. How grateful I am to have her home... but yesterday she was getting a little weary with all that Mom needed. Some of you may not receive what my heart would like to give you.... be patient with us! You are loved.

Lorna... the Leukemia Mamma!
Photos to come!

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