Sunday, April 18, 2010

Angela's first post

Well I suppose it's time I added some of my own thoughts and words to this wonderful blog that my sisters set up. First of all an update on my mother: Today the Dr's informed us that she is in the "Honeymoon" stage of her chemo therapy treatment. This meaning that her white blood cells have not started depleting, hence her remaining energy levels. As the chemo begins to decrease her white blood cell count her energy will go down. So please keep her in your prayers as these changes occur. Please also pray for her to get really good quality sleep as quantity does not seem to be an option. The nurses provide a punctual 5am wake up call to check her vitals and she has been having difficulty getting back to sleep. Actually we would all appreciate prayer for our sleep. Otherwise my mom is doing as expected considering her situation.

I feel there is so much more that I could write and that I would like to express in reagrds to what the last 10 days or so have meant to me personally. But unfortunatley now is not the time. It is late and I can't think straight enough to express myself clearly, so a mother update is all you'll get for now.


  1. Bless you Angela, this post is just fine.

  2. Thank you for sharing this update Angela,
    Love you girl!!