Thursday, April 15, 2010

From "The Mummy"

hello "Dear and Precious" Friends and Family
What a whirlwind of a journey this has been for all of us.

But even in that, there are two things to be said.

1. Being sick for 4 months, then, just when I was beginning to feel better, about 4 weeks ago, I was really having trouble breathing, (I would go up the stairs and be heaving for breath, or be sitting down and get up to cross the room, heaving for air with my heart just pounding in my chest for minutes until I regained stability...) really began to make me wonder if something more serious was going on. Having answers is really Good! For all of us!

2. Due to Rwanda and whenever they are ready to have Rob place the reinforcing steel....
as well as wondering where and when Rob might work on the next big job, and could I go with him, taking the Perspectives Course on the World Christian Movement, as well as wondering where Rob and I might be when He retires in 5 years have all given me a serious commitment to be praying daily for God to prepare Rob and I for whatever is to come!
I certainly was not thinking Leukemia when I prayed that prayer, but God in His Soveriegnty knows what we need to be prepared for most of all! It is truly only because of God's preparing hand that I have had such incredible peace through most of this journey.

I did go to the Doctors on the sat of the Easter Weekend. The blood work needed to be done on a morning before I had breakfast which was wednesday, April 7th. On Friday morning, our world changed dramatically. Our Doctor called at 7:15 am... to say; Lorna, your hemoglobin is really low, you need to get down to Emergency immediately, you should not even be able to walk across the room, you will need a blood transfusion, you will be staying there overnight, I will fax paper work and you go straight there. To my Doctors credit, I had not really given him the symptoms, I had just said; my husband wants you to send me to a Respirologist. My hemoglobin count was at 50-55 when it should have been 120! The Bone Marrow Biopsy was scheduled for monday. I did not want to send out news of distressing possibilities... so we waited for results. The Bone Marrow Biopsy, led to 5 different entry points, no bone marrow, one thin bone core and a good bone core. They went to do the results and the amazing hemeotolgist at Surrey, said he had some news. I asked if he could wait till Rob could be there. When he gave the news, Rob and all three girls, (Angela had just arrived), and my baby sister Lillian were there. He told us it takes days to take the calcium out of the bone core... but there was ONE drop of bone marrow for them to read. I do have acute Leukemia and he would try to get me into a bed in VGH. This was 3 pm monday. By five, the ambulance was waiting for Rob to come and me to eat supper. All was packed up, friends were there to transport stuff home and stuff to the hospital. It all happened SO fast... you wonder if it can be real?

Okay, so I know this is fairly long winded... but, it has been so crazy full of tests, every possible support person you could think of to walk this journey with has come to see me, as well as many of you. I am feeling fantastic today! Go Figure... it is all the prayer!! and as the chemo progresses and all my blood cells die, I will not have the energy to be sitting at this laptop that was graciuosly loaned to us!!! So, if you will bear with my lack of brevity.... there is one more interchange I would like to give. A precious daughter friend asked 'how are you?' I said 'grateful'.
She asked 'Why?!?', so I must give you the answer as it includes each of you!

The amount of love, prayer, kindness, anointing, giving, caring, feeding, and blessing that have been poured out over us as a family is rich beyond measure. Truly we are a blessed family.

These Whirlwind days have been accompanied by the presence of God in many profound ways.
Two hours after diagnosis, a bed being available! How good is God!

Thursday at work, Jessica's boss said; could Jessica stay home friday and monday and then call him? That meant Jessica was able to accompany me into Emerg and be with me all day! what a gift!

We could have already been in Africa with a high percentage that I would be dead right now! God's timing is perfect.

We are in the best hospital in all of Canada. The Team is amazing and they all have the same hearts of compassion and patience! "Ask us again and again if you need to, we know it takes time to process."

Of all the Leukemia's, mine is the one with the highest success rate.

Of all of the treatments, mine is the one least likely to make me nauseous! I just found that out today from the Dietician. What an answer to prayer, as I am often nauseous from movement.

Oh, there is much more to say, but supper has come and I should eat it while it is 'hot' !!

Blessings, Rich Rich blessings to each of you.


  1. It is real good to hear your report. We continue to come before the Throne of Grace daily on your behalf...and ours.

    I forwarded a very special video to your email address perchance you are able to retrieve same. You will be encouraged I believe.

    Strength and courage and many blessings of this day.

  2. Dearest Lorna,
    Our love and prayers are with you and your family as you go through this journey through to recovery. I know that God's grace guide you all the way.
    Blessings to you,
    Rhonda & Richard Tomkinson
    (Jocelyn's parents)

  3. Dear Lorna,

    You have been in my thoughts every day since I got the news. As often as I think of you I pray. May you feel the presence of God with you at all times.
    I will soon drop in for a visit- on Monday or Tuesday.

    Much love as always,