Thursday, April 15, 2010

The view from here... is beautiful fr:Jess

The first thing you notice after giving my Mom a hug, is the gorgeous view of the north shore. From the window you can see the down town core with Grouse Mountain rising up behind, sholdering against the hazy blue horrizon.

However, that is not what first impressed me. When we walked in, Mom was being visited by a physio therapist who was instructing her in the best way to take care of her shoulder which she hurt three weeks ago, how to arrange the pillows when she needs to rest, and to be sure to sit up and walk around as much as possible. Shortly after she left a dentist came in to check the health of Mom's mouth. Prexisting problems can become worse once patients begin Chemo as it destroys all thier blood cells, but he assured her that her mouth was looking quite healthy. Earlier that day a social worker dropped by, to see if their were any needs Mom had that she could help with. She will follow Mom's case all the way through, a point inforced by her statement to Mom: "If you have a question years later, I will remember you." This morning a diatition was here to give Mom some information about which foods she ought to avoid while her white blood cells are dropping, till they increase again, (nothing unpasturiesed, and no raw meats, as these will all effect the affectiveness of the treatment.) Sadly this means no Brie Cheese or Camembert as Mom usaully likes them.

From what we have heard, V.G.H. is the best place for Mom to be treated for Leukemia. They have the most consistent patient care policies, their attention is extremely wholestic and they have an excellent team as described above.

Last night Rob came after work, and we had dinner with Amy in a quaint little sushi shop, where we muched on sashimi and a a varitey of rolls. When we came back the sun was shimmering off of the buildings like peach champaign, and bouncying brightly in squares off of the window panes. Of course Mom was standing up trying to capture it with her i phone. She made a comment about how she was ready to have her zoom and wide angle lenses with her. We told her that was not going to happen. However, we are glad for this good sign that she is regaining her strength. We will see what the next few days will look like as the chemo will effect her energy levels until the white blood cell count is once again regained.

Later that night as it grew dark the lights of the buildings twinkled out like the stars in the sky against the mountain side. Science world lite up, and you could see the lights of cars winding along the roads and across the bridges.

Finally last night, after tucking Mom in to bed, and making sure she was all cozy, it was time to set up my own sleeping spot. They have a chair here that folds out, and I knew Mom was deep asleep, as I pulled, cluncked, dragged and wrestled it out in the dark, she did not make a single sound! Even when I reached over to turn off the music from her i phone that was by her ear, (normally she would have woken up and made a funny little noise), but she slept deep as can be, without a single twitch.

Please pray for Mom that she will not come in to contact with or catch any infectoin. That the Hickman line she had surgically implanted will heal. (She will have it in until all of her treatments are done which she will continue to recieve later as an out patient, so this is important). Please pray that her body will respond as well as possible to the chemo. That she would not have nausea or fever. She did have a breif fever yesterday as a reaction to one of the treatments, so they put her on antibiotics right away. We were told this was very standard procedure.

Thank you for your prayers, support, and notes, Mom has enjoyed reading through all of the comments that have been posted, here and on facebook. We are still making our way through them. The support has been overwhelming, and we feel very blessed.


  1. Jessica, Amy and Angela -

    I can see little touches of your Mom in your comments, her finger prints are all over all of you and it is so beautiful. You all are doing an amazing job of taking care of her, bless you all for that.

    Father God:
    Thank you for your love for Lorna and her precious family. We rejoice in the way you have gone before them and prepared the way; Rob being in town, the girls being able to have time to be there with their Mom, the beautiful room with a view.... Thank you Lord that you hold them all in the palm of your hand. Continue to give the Doctor's wisdom, as they order and monitor treatment.
    Bless Lorna with peace that overflows to all who are around her. Thank you for the peace she is feeling. Thank you for the Holy Spirit who is ministering to her during this time.
    May we all be good students and learn more about you because of what we will see in the life of Lorna and her wonderful family. We are believing for a miraculous recovery Lord. You alone have the power to reverse the effects of this disease and we are asking for a full and miraculous recovery for our dear friend and servant,
    I pray this in the powerful name of the Lord Jesus Christ, Amen
    Hugs and kisses and prayers to all of you.
    I love you!

  2. It's not bad at all to be one of you, it's a special honor to be part of your family journey and to walk this road with you all ! Praying with Faith in the very strong Name of Jesus...
    We love you guys !
    Many hugs, Ken and Bonnie