Thursday, April 29, 2010

"It's that chemo called asparagus" - Jess

This week I returned to work after two weeks off. Being back into a regular routine reminds me of how much our lives have changed. During those two weeks we gained a new vocabulary, a new appreciation for life, the support of friends and family, new concerns and a whole set of red flags to watch for. It is hard to believe that tomorrow will mark three weeks since Mom first went in to the hospital.

We continue to marvel at how we see Gods hands all over this situation. Not only has he prepared us for this time, he is stirring the dust around our lives and feet and creating something new, as only he can: beyond what we can ask or imagine. The Lord is speaking to others around us, He is drawing our family closer together, and using this event as a catalyst for change in our own lives.

We are blessed but we are weary. The chemo treatments have brought Mom's hemoglobin low again. She will receive another blood transfusion tomorrow. She has tingling in her fingers, which is slowly slithering up her hands. During her last visit they asked her if she was still able to dress herself, as some patients struggle with buttons as the treatment progresses.

Tomorrow Mom begins her L-Asparaginase chemo, which she will receive every day for the next twelve days. Each day she will be required to go down to VGH for the treatment and return home to rest before going back into Vancouver for the next day. The weekly chemo has taken quite a toll and we are concerned that this next week will be especially draining. She is well in spirit, but weary in body.

Please pray that Mom will respond well to the Chemo, and will be able to get lots of rest during this time. Pray that she would sleep deeply at night, and stay healthy. Amy and I are beginning to feel like we have colds coming on. Please pray that we stay healthy so that we can continue to support and spend time with Mom.

More to follow....

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