Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Busy Girls!

Jessica, who had two weeks off work during this whirlwind journey, is back to work.
Much going on... so there has been no update.

Let me just say, I have been home a week. I have gone in and out to Out Patient @ VGH 3 times.
My numbers are all dropping. My white blood count was ".2" on friday!! The Doctor said getting closer to "0" is basically where I am, at the bottom. My white count will begin to climb again for maybe a week. Then I start a new chemo drug on April 28- May 12 every day. That will drop my counts back down again. They did give me a "platelette" transfusion on sunday.

I am mostly well, other than tiring out easily. My fingertips are all buzzing and tingly due to the Vincristine. That will go away when I am done this chemo. I am not handling any acidic food.
I have just a small amount of a rash on the inside of my mouth. This is the easiest gateway for germs to get into my bloodstream, If i cut myself when brushing... SO, the oral hygiene is very rigid. Three meals a day, brush and gargle with something they use to treat "gingivitis"!! no eating between and be very careful!

Thank you for praying!! YOU BLESS US !!

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