Wednesday, April 14, 2010

It all began..

Dear friends and family,

Thank you for following with us on this journey, and for all your prayers and support during this time.

I was thinking lately about how often when we are on a journey, we do not always see which road we are on until we are several steps along the way. Such was the case for us. In December 2009 Mom came down with H191, followed by a case of double pneumonia. Since then she has been in a process of recovery, which was taking far longer than what we thought was normal. She was having a difficult time catching her breath and completing regular tasks. Last week our doctor sent her for blood work, and promptly called us at 7:15am Friday the 9th of April. He informed mom that her hemoglobin was extremely low, and she needed to go to the E.R. for a blood transfusion. Of course, this was a cause for concern. At the hospital we received excellent care from the doctors and nurses, and everything was handled promptly and efficiently. After three days in the hospital we were able to be together as a family when the hemotologist rendered to us the official diagnosis: the battle we are up against is Acute Leukemia.

Two hours later that evening they transfered Mom to the Acute Leukemia unit at Vancouver General Hospital, where she is able to receive the premium in cancer care. Yesterday they ran a series of tests to establish a base line, and put in a hickman line which they will use to administer the chemo therapy, intravenous, and any blood transfusions she may require during her treatment.

Today we received the complete diagnosis. The name for Mom's cancer is: Acutelymphoblastic Leukemia. The nurse has said that one aspect of the Chemotherapy is that it will deplete Mom's white blood cell count, and once the white blood cells increase to a certain point she will be able to return home. This process is expected to take 10-20 days. After this she will be able to continue her treatment as an out patient. We are optimistic and trusting God that he is holding us all in his hands during this time.

Thank you for your concern and willingness to walk this road with us.

Should you wish to visit here are a few things that we ask you to keep in mind:
*Please do not come if you have any symptoms of a cold, flu, virus,or diarrhea. Even cold sores are prohibited on her ward. The reason for this is that all patients on her ward have very little immunity and exposure to any illness puts the entire ward at risk.
*The ward is also fragrance free.
*Visitors may be in her room two at a time only.
*There is a family and visitors lounge where you can wait should someone be there already.
*Flowers and potted plants are not allowed on her ward, but cards are always welcome.
*Please be sensitive to the fact that our Mom will be very tired during this process by being willing to keep your visits short if it is necessary.

Thank you for your consideration during this time. We feel very, very blessed. We have the best of Doctors, Mom has a gorgeous view of the mountains from her room, and all of our friends have been extremely supportive.

Sincerely, Jessica


  1. Thanks for making a blog and the post, Jess.. So many people are praying for your mom but also for Rob, Angela, Amy and you. You are all so dear to me and I love you all lots and lots!

  2. Dennis and I are lifting you all up everyday in prayer, We serve a mighty God, and I know you are all in his care! Please give your mom huge hugs from Dennis and I!, They are very close to our hearts! Thank you for the blog... such a GOOD idea!

  3. Psa. 131:0 ¶ A Song of Ascents, of David.
    Psa. 131:1 ¶ O LORD, my heart is not aproud, nor my eyes 1bhaughty;
    Nor do I 2involve myself in cgreat matters,
    Or in things dtoo 3difficult for me.
    Psa. 131:2 Surely I have acomposed and quieted my soul;
    Like a weaned bchild rests 1against his mother,
    My soul is like a weaned child 1within me.
    Psa. 131:3 O Israel, ahope in the LORD
    bFrom this time forth and forever.

  4. Wonderful blog! Yes, a journey and we all walk alongside, eyes upward, with hearts connected in prayer. Rob, Lorna and girls do not be afraid of holding a firm line in how much visiting you allow. Be blunt if you have to protect you private time and rest. I would suggest a family meeting with a few key people to set up a "sit with Lorna" schedule, so that well meaning friends do not steal away rest or time with immediate family. Soup is almost ready girls. :) hugs and prayers to all. Ingrid

  5. Dear Lorna,
    Thank you for letting us know of the health struggle you are going through right now. You will be in our thoughts and prayers a lot in these coming weeks. Our prayer for you today is Romans 15:13, "May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in Him, and may you overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit." Our love, Joan & Darryl Evans

  6. Thanks for setting this up to keep us informed. Thinking about you guys. Give Lorna my love.


  7. Thank you for the update! We are praying for and with you.

    Your Nowegian friends

  8. You did a wonderful job Jess with this blog! Thank-you for the update. Give Auntie Lorna a big hug and kiss for Ava, my Mom and I. We love all of you so much and continue praying for healing and strength through this journey. Let us know if there's anything we can do for you or need at this time. Our doors are always open....

    Love Christina, Lynn, and Ava

  9. My family and I feel very privileged to know each of you and to be nestled in with such a strong group of friends that has rallied around you. You are a very special family caring for a very special wife and mom. We too are praying lots for a wonderful recovery and you're on our minds all the time. We are believing for a wonderful recovery.

    Bless you for the blog. It's very well done and helps a lot.

  10. Rob, Lorna, Jessica, Amy and Angela, we love you guys! We are praying in Kigali, not just us, but also our cell group. Mado, one of our members, a beautiful Rwandan lady, prayed mighty prayers on your behalf tonight! That's the body of Christ flexing its prayer muscles here in Africa!
    Please keep us updated. We are following this blog and your journey. We are walking it out with you in prayer.
    Missing you tonight while listening to the April rain hit our tin roof!

    Love Joce, Rich and Kigali kids!

  11. Jess- so sorry to hear your mom battling this illness, but will be praying for a cancer-free diagnosis down the road! Love to you and your family during this season of life!!
    Jennie (Bauske)

  12. I hope your visit with Katherine was a good one today. I wanted to come in but while we were in safeway picking up your lotion etc, I started sneezing and coughing! I'll stay away till I know for sure I'm not bringing some bugs along with me.
    I love you Lorna!

  13. Jason and I are thinking about you and praying for you and your wonderful family. We love you so much!


  14. A loving sister in the Lord! Our journey with the Lord is always a mystery. Lorna, may your spirit be renewed each day! Our prayers are with you...
    You girls be strong for your Mom!
    Rob be encouraged by humbleness and grace!!
    Your loving brother in the Lord!!
    Dan & Lucy Robison

  15. Hello dear ones! Thank you, Jessica, for your excellent narrative and information. Would you please let me/everyone know if you guys have any dietary preferences or allergies, as I'd like to bring you a freezer meal...or two - I've got some extra time to cook these days! Please give your precious mom my love and let her know she is in my thoughts and prayers. Kim

  16. Not sure how long you will have laptop but if you see this know that I would love to be there but have a slight infection that needs to be cleared up first when all is okay I will be there. Thank you for this blog - it is so good hear how the journey is going for all of you. Know that you are in my prayers.

  17. I say "Hi" with much love to each of the Randes. What is happening here at Cedar Grove is a testament to me of how a community of Christ followers can change the world. You are on my mind all the time. I am always alerts and inquisitive to hear the "latest". I hear snippets and then I'm blessed by the Blog updates. You have my desiringly effective prayers all the time. Another prayer is that we, as a people, realize the gift of LOVE the Lord has shown us in all of this and we carry this same passion with confidence to all those around us. Let us be ready to be there always. For Rob, my brother, I'm purposing to stay away during this physically sensitive time to be very sure of the very best outcomes, but I would love to chat. May God Bless You. Les

  18. Angela good to hear a little from you. Yes health and sleep for all of you is very important and you all have probably got less quantity sleep so my prayer for all of you is that every hour you get will be quality sleep. The journey is long and bumpy but remember that God is there with you all every step of the way and promises to carry you over the rough stuff to smoother walking.